Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley On Tour DVD

Elvis Lost On Tour Interview - 1 DVD

Recorded on July 28, 1972! This Elvis DVD will simply amaze you! A new and very entertaining concept designed to make Elvis audio interviews more enjoyable. This DVD includes a lengthy 1972 interview, that´s unreleased and uncut! Enjoy many unseen photos and rare movie clips from Elvis life and career.

Unfortunately, for what ever reason, this interview was not filmed, probably at Elvis request. The On Tour interview was recorded as a “Wild Track”, with sound, but no picture of Elvis. Till now!

Elvis On Tour unheard outtakes - now with rare photos and film clips to concoide with what Elvis is talking about, during the interview, and as a bonus, there is an interesting trip back to August 8th 1953.

Elvis Lost On Tour Interview - length 1 hour - 1 DVD