Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - Live Concerts - The Soundboard Films - 4 DVD Elvis -Box-Set

Elvis Presley DVD 1:

A real treat has arrived for fans in this newly edited complete concert from August 31, 1976. For years, we had 30 mins. from a close source, but the colors were so washed out and faded that it was almost unbearable to watch. Newly uncovered, the original betamax tape that the original films were transferred to gives us a great quality film of the show for us to view, that actually allows us to see face clearly. If that wasn't good enough, the original beta contained four 3 minute reels that had not existed in circulation before showing the first 12 minutes of the concert. Now on top of that, there is an additional 15 minutes shot from the front row (as seen on the Front Row Films) from the same show, and for the first time ever, both sources of footage has been pulled together and synched perfectly with the soundboard recording for the ultimate Elvis Macon, GA '76 experience. Bonus features on this dvd include the 4 songs recorded on soundboard from the 3-17-76 Johnson City, TN concert including Trying To Get To You and the first ever live version of HURT.

Elvis Presley DVD 2:

We get to see about 46 minutes of this unbelievably energized 1 hour-long show from March 21, 1976 evening shot and brought to us by two lucky fans who were in attendance. Perfectly synched to the soundboard recording "A New Kind of Rhythm" remixed to stereo. This is one of Elvis best shows of 1976, next to his December shows.

Elvis Presley DVD 3:

We got to see two consecutive Elvis Las Vegas seasons that are largely unseen and
unheard by most. The first part of the dvd is a complete Elvis Feb. '73 Concert synched expertly to Vegas Rhythm. Included in this ultra rare footage is from the "sick night" where you will see Elvis leave the
stage and leave Charlie in charge of the intros, then returning to endthe show early, only to raise the gold curtains back up to sing several rarities like Faded Love, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, and the
only live version of Trouble he ever gave. While Elvis doesn't move whole lot in comparison to early years, many times he is far more energetic than at the Hawaii show a month earlier. Then in the bonus section of the disc, we are all treated to an extremely rare look at the Elvis Summer '73 season sourced from about 5 shows, and we get to see ultra rare versions of Trouble, Help Me Make It Through The Night, My Boy, Crying Time, and Softly As I Leave You.This set is full of rarely ever seen footage including songs that have never been on any dvd.

Elvis Presley DVD 4:

The dvd opens with the June 29, 1974 Evening performance showcasing Elvis in the beautiful American Eagle Suit. Elvis is in a fantastic mood on this evening and it shows in his mood as he screams at the top of his lungs "I Love All of Yall!" to the delight of the crowd. The 2nd concert featured on the dvd set is titled "Elvis High Voltage! Birmingham '76 Revisited" and showcases Elvis in the Inca Gold suit from December 29, 1976. This show has circulated for years, but for the very first time in history, the entire 75 minute performance is here, expertly synched to the newly discovered Stereo recording of this concert.  This particular show is one of his best in years, let alone 1976. When he dedicates "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" to Ginger, you could hear a pin drop in between words, that's how magical this Elvis performance is.


Elvis Presley - Live Concerts - The Soundboard Films - 4 DVD Elvis -Box-Set