Elvis Presley



Elvis & Karate

This DVD contains the long awaited footage of Elvis taking part in Karate demonstrations. The DVD will feature extra's including a voice-over option from one of Elvis' Karate associates, Wayne Carmon who was there when much of the footage was filmed. Pre-order, go inside the dojo with Elvis Presley, the greatest entertainer the world has ever known.

For nearly two decades, Elvis Presley practiced the art of karate with skill and enormous dedication.

The discipline brought a thrilling new physicality to his film and stage performances, but fans have never before had the chance to see the King in authentic action.

This collector's edition set provides exactly that opportunity, bringing together footage from Elvis' never-completed martial arts epic The New Gladiators along with insightful commentary by fellow-enthusiast Wayne Carman who was with Elvis when much of the footage was shot