Elvis Presley



30th Anniversary Of Elvis Death

FILM-MAKER Jon Aldersea has made a documentary charting the journey made by more than 1,200 Elvis Presley fans to Graceland.

Jon's documentary, The Hard Road To Memphis, now looks set to be a cult smash with Elvis devotees. The 41-year-old, from Trent Vale, was invited by the Elvis Presley Fan Club to journey with them to Graceland, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the King's death, in 2007.

He has since edited together three hours of footage into a DVD.

Jon, also a record producer who has worked with Robbie Williams, said: "We flew to Atlanta, then got on a big air-conditioned bus to drive to Memphis.

"I filmed a kind of video diary style documentary along the way, knowing in my mind that I wanted to make this film. But due to different things in my life I have only just managed to complete it.

"It was interesting and I met a lot of good people. At one point I took part in a candlelit vigil which lasted 14-hours. It was a strange experience and a strange atmosphere, but very peaceful.

"One thing I love about these people is they love Elvis, but they also love rock and roll.

"When we made it to Graceland, that was fantastic, especially in the pool room where you were in Elvis's house and could feel the vibes.

"One thing that was amazing was his trophy room, with all the gold discs and awards and things he had received for his charity work, it was breathtaking."

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, aged 42.