Elvis Presley



New Unreleased Elvis Footage 1974!

IŽm sure that this will be amongst the best quality amateur footage that you've ever seen of Elvis on stage.

For the first time you'll get to see 1974 Vegas footage captured during Elvis' August 29th 1974 midnight show, September 1st dinner show and the infamous September 2nd closing show (wearing the beautiful Mad Tiger jumpsuit). There's lots of karate on these clips with Red West coming on stage at one point to help Elvis with his belt and karate gi. Elvis even knocks poor Charlie Hodge on his backside during a length kata... Amazing stuff!

There is also be some 1973 footage shot at Graceland. This includes a glimpse the gates, the grounds, the mansion itself and the pool area. This is NOT the poor quality Dutch footage that has been doing the rounds for years, but brand new footage taken from the reels and restored by us. This is TV quality material.

We are also extremely excited to tell you that we have been restoring some SUPERB footage (running for a staggering 13 minutes) of Elvis in Kansas City, Missouri on the evening of June 29th 1974. This is the most beautiful clear, close-up footage that we've seen in a long, long time with Elvis wearing the fantastic Embroidered Eagle jumpsuit.